About Country Kids


Country Kid Farmers is the chronicling of our adventures in Homesteading. We didn’t start out to Homestead, we just wanted chickens for our own eggs. We have learned that backyard chickens are a Gateway into all the rest of the Homesteading World. Soon, we had goats and pigs and were milking and we will someday have cheese and lotions and soaps. It is endless all the things we keep learning that we can do for ourselves. And we love it. Our boys are growing up Country Strong on goat’s milk and everything else homemade. (At some point, we will have an online store, and we will have booths at local Growers Markets. Just not quite yet.)

We do not Home-school in the classic sense. Our children attend school in town. But we do lots of fun things to supplement their schooling with projects and games and various learning at home.

  • Monday – Language & Literature 
  • Tuesday – Math
  • Wednesday – Art & Music
  • Thursday – Science
  • Friday – History & Geography (unless we’re doing Movie night, or we’re at the Drag Strip – History gets a bum rap being on Friday)

Mostly, we just have fun. And now that I am not employed outside of the home, we have time again for Art Excursions – going out on Wednesdays to meet with an Artist In Studio and learn about their art.

Some of you may recognize me as the Blogger formerly known as Waffle-Wednesday. (Thank you for following me here!) Because I have been writing my entire life, I find things to write about, whether they fit into these categories or not. Sometimes, I am just writing what moves my heart. Those fit into an Other Category of Mom Writes.

We have a farm and a tree service and that is about it.


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