All this Talk of Rosemary and Religion

There is nothing like the smell of fresh Rosemary

fresh between fingers, fresh from the garden,

dirt under nails from digging, dirt on knees;

you could say from praying, but it isn’t, really.

Unless praying is cooing to the plants

doing well, inhaling deep to fill the lungs,

and knowing each miracle of bud unfurled

is another occasion for wonder.

Worn, green fingers smell of tomato plants,

mix with herbs, mix with dirt,

now mix with sun rising and birds beginning

to chatter. We have so much to remember.

We have too much to forget.

We have forgotten how to be simple,

how to act justly, and love mercy,

and walk humbly with our God*.

The trickle of water to tender plants,

the buzz of helpful bees.

These things are holy windows

beneath cathedral skies.


Tonight is my first venture into the Weekly Poetry Link at dVerse Poets Pub. I have been admiring the poetry of Marilyn Cavicchia for some time now. Her poem today, Maybe the Rosemary, was rich with all things splendid and lovely, not at all religious, and because of that, divine. Her poem inspired mine. Thank you, Beautiful Muse!

* Micah 6:8 (Bible paraphrased)

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10 thoughts on “All this Talk of Rosemary and Religion

  1. nice…love the trickle of water to tender plants and buzz of helpful bees as holy and def. it is a kind of prayer to kneel on the ground, hands in the soil, enjoying his the smell of rosemary as well and the scent of fresh soil…

  2. we have so much to remember, so much to forget…and love the tie to micah 6 as well…we have lost the simple ways of the things it teaches, i would agree with you there…and love the gardening smells on the hands…there is just something about putting your hands to the earth…

  3. First, welcome to dVerse, Liesl. It’s always a delight to meet new wordsmths at the Pub 🙂

    Second, this is lovely – packed full of rich, down-to-earth images. I especially liked “holy windows/ beneath cathedral skies.”

  4. This is wonderful! I love the reference to the smell of the tomato plants, and the earth mixing with the sky. What a thrill to have inspired something so lovely! Also, I just realized who you are — I “met” you during NaBloPoMo. I’m so glad we crossed paths again!

  5. to wander over to waffle wednesdays and find poetry? joy!
    it is beautiful to spend a few, vicarious minutes in your garden by way of your words. thank you, liesl.

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